Different Colognes and What They Say about You

Wearing cologne can be a big benefit to you when you hit the dating scene. Scent is strongly tied to memory, so if you wear the right cologne you can make a woman think about you if she so much as catches a whiff of the same kind of scent. Wearing the right scent can also make you seem that much more appealing, because some colognes have powerful sex appeal. Knowing what the right cologne for you to wear isn’t always easy, but knowing what certain types of scents might say about you can be a helpful first step into the world of luxury scents.

The Big Brand Name Body Spray

“Ditch the cheap brands”

This is going to be harsh, but you probably need to hear it. Unless you’re still in middle school, it’s time to ditch the big brand name body spray. Sure, it’s cheap. Sure, it’s easily available and not that hard to find. These advantages do not even come close to outweighing the disadvantages. These sprays are often overwhelmingly strong, and the woman you’re trying to seduce is not going to appreciate it. Besides that, the smell probably carries negative connotations or at least memories of juvenile guys. You’re not going to make a good impression wearing this kind of spray, so it’s time to man up and spend the money to buy a real cologne. It will be worth it, and you won’t be driving women off based on your scent alone.

Woodsy Scents

“She may lose her senses in your presence”

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to buy a real cologne, you might not know what kind of scent will suit you. A scent that’s woodsy may be the perfect choice for you since it tends to be a masculine scent without being overpowering or cloying. This is a popular type of scent and one that women seem to be extremely drawn to, so you can’t really go wrong with it unless you apply too much. It’s a safe scent, sure, but it’s also pretty much a proven fact that it will attract women to you. Over time she’ll start to associate the scent with you, so she’ll look forward to smelling it and it will definitely make you seem more attractive.

Citrus Scents

We’re not talking about dousing yourself in lemon scented cleaning products. A citrusy scent can be the perfect choice for some guys, because it’s a good mix between masculine and feminine. You won’t seem like you’re trying too hard but it will definitely be unique to her. Stick towards colognes that mix citrusy scents with other notes. This will prevent it from being too cloyingly sweet and it will have the perfect mixture of scents to grab her attention and keep it. A citrusy scent will tell a woman that you’re not overly traditional and that you’re creative, all while showing her that you still care about how you present yourself. You can’t really go wrong, as long as you make sure that it smells good on you before you douse yourself in it.

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