Letting Her Lead in the Bedroom

“Just watch her unleash her wildness”
Letting a woman lead in the bedroom can be both exciting and alarming. Occasionally, you may get one of those women who want to do things to you that you’re not too crazy about. However, more often than not, when you let a woman lead, it ends up making sex more enjoyable for the both of you.

Give Up the Reins

One huge mistake that men make when it comes to satisfying a woman is refusing to let her lead. Some men hate the thought of letting a woman be in control in the bedroom. For one reason or another, they seem to think it makes men appear to be weak or uncertain when it comes to sex. We can understand while it may be a bit unnerving letting a woman lead during sex. Sometimes you may be so ready for things to get started that you don’t want to have to deal with a change of pace or spending too much time on stuff that doesn’t really have an effect on you. What some men don’t understand is that when you let a woman lead, you are pretty much ensuring that you end up having the best sex ever.
When a woman is leading during sex, she is trying to tell you what she wants without actually having to voice it. If you notice that she is doing things to you that she has never done before, it could be her way of telling you that she would like you to do those same things to her once you are in control again. Always pay attention to the first couple of things that she does to you. Those are the things she wants you to do to her the most.

Be Encouraging

“Tell her to let go of her shyness”
Sometimes you may discover that you actually enjoy letting a woman lead, but she ends up being too shy or nervous to fully go through with it. The best way to convince a woman to take control is by encouraging her. Most women are typically insecure about a lot of things and needs encouragement and reassurance that they’re doing a good job. If she’s trying something new on you and you enjoy it, don’t just lie there moaning every now and then. You need to tell her that you like it. Tell her to keep going, or to speed up, or slow down. Give her directions, but don’t make her feel as though you think she doesn’t have a clue of what she’s doing. If she starts feeling that way, she will lose confidence in herself.

Remember not to try to force a woman into taking control. Depending on what type of woman she is, she may need to work up to it. If you pressure her, she may decide not to do it altogether. You also need to be careful communicating with her when she does something that you don’t like. A lot of women get embarrassed easily. If you tell her in a way that makes her doubt herself, she may not want to have sex with you again.

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