Manscaping and You

“Body care is not just for women”

As a guy, you’ve probably never put very much thought into how you groom yourself, at least not when it comes to body hair. Guys aren’t really expected to shave their legs or have their chest hair waxed in order to look good – not like women, at least. Women go through intense amounts of grooming all the time. They shave almost every hair on their bodies, and yet some guys still parade around with more hair than gorillas. You might not think you should put any thought into manscaping, but you would be surprised at how much of a difference it can make when you want to hook up with women regularly.

Why You Should Manscape to Begin With

Sure, shaving and waxing and plucking is a lot of trouble. It might not even seem worth it, but the plain and simple truth is that it is worth your time to give it a shot. Even if you’re not particularly hairy, having smooth skin can be a major draw for some women. Manscaping might be the perfect option for you if you’re somewhere in between hairless and hairy. If you don’t have enough hair on your chest for it to really be worth it, manscaping can be a great option for you. You might also discover that you really like being hairless in certain areas, and it’s definitely been said that shaving your pubes can make you look at least an inch bigger. Every little bit helps when it comes to impressing women, so why not give it a shot?

How Much Is Too Much

“For pleasure you have to bear some pain”

There is a level of manscaping that can be a bit too much. Waxing your chest and even your armpits is one thing, and if you’re brave enough to do it, waxing your balls can make things easier for you. You may not be brave enough to take a razor to yourself down there, so of course it might be in your best interests to give it a shot. However, you might want to refrain from getting your legs completely waxed. Waxed legs is a fairly feminine thing, so unless you’re a swimmer or a bodybuilder there’s probably no real need for you to go that far. Women either won’t notice at all, or they will notice and think it’s a little bit weird.

Consider Getting a Wax

Obviously shaving is a pain in the ass, figuratively and sometimes literally if you’re working on your nether regions. There’s a reason why women succumb to waxing and laser treatment so often. Shaving all the time is tedious and annoying and can be painful if your skin is sensitive. Getting a wax seems outrageous and over the top, but you might be surprised by how good it can be. The pain won’t last that long after all, and you won’t have to shave anywhere near as often to maintain the level of smoothness that you want. It might be a bit pricy and it’s definitely going to hurt, but beauty has a price for men as well as women. You should at least give it due consideration.

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