Things You Don’t Do in Bed That She’d Actually Love

Knowing what a woman wants in bed can sometimes be a mystery. You’re probably used to hooking up and doing the same thing all the time just because you aren’t sure what you can get away with or what she might enjoy. You might not want to risk ruining the entire hookup just because you wanted to get a little creative. However, there are some things you probably don’t try in bed that the woman you’re hooking up with would actually really enjoy. Most women aren’t going to exactly be up front about this, so it might be up to you to give it a shot and experiment with her.

Cut Loose and Get Rough with Her

“Stop being so gentle, show her your wild side now”

Being gentle all the time is going to get boring very quickly. It may be time to cut loose and get a bit rougher than normal. You don’t want to try anything too extreme without getting her consent first, but just being a bit rougher in bed might do wonders for your sex life. Feel free to grab her and put her where you want her. Quite a large number of women are very much into rougher sex, so assert your dominance and show her that you know what you want in bed. She might very well wind up loving it and begging you for more.

Bust out the Blindfolds and Handcuffs

Plenty of women would like to get a bit kinky, but they aren’t sure how to ask. Busting out the fuzzy handcuffs and the blindfold isn’t going to be too extreme for her, and chances are that she’ll appreciate the fact that you had the initiative to give it a shot. If she reacts well to the soft kinks you bring to bed, she might very well have a favorable reaction to something a bit more intense. This could open up a whole new world of kink if you’re lucky, so you should at least give it a shot and see where things wind up leading. This can be the perfect way to start having kinkier sex, and it can save her the trouble of asking you to try something kinky.

Give Dirty Talk a Try

“That may arouse her even more”

Dirty talk isn’t for everyone, but at times it can be the perfect addition to your sex life. You should probably try to gauge how she’ll react to dirty talk before you start using it in bed without warning, but either way it might be something she’s been waiting for you to try. If you’re not sure how to start, you might want to begin with something tamer and trying to get her to go along with it. Don’t start using the porn star vocabulary until you’re sure that both of you will appreciate it. Otherwise you may wind up getting kicked out of the bed, and it’s not really worth the risk. Remember that dirty talk takes practice and it might be a while before you think you’re good at it, but if you have the right partner you can practice it to your heart’s content.

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