Three Ways You Can Get out of Your Rut This Week

Are you in a sex rut? Can you not seem to break out of the same old patterns and the same old sex with the same old women? Whether you’re hooking up with four women a week or no one doesn’t matter if you’re not enjoying the sex that you’re having. Rather than sitting around and hoping that something will change on its own, get out there and break out of that rut on your own. Follow these three tips to kick that rut to the curb by week’s end.

Talk to a Woman Every Day

"Keep talking to different women everyday"

“Keep talking to different women everyday”

That’s right. Whether it’s online or in person, you should be talking to a different, new woman every day. Keep talking to the woman you met yesterday if she still wants to, but the point of this exercise is to show you just how many attractive, available women there really are. A lot of men feel like they’ll never meet another pretty woman so they’re afraid to take a chance and ask out the woman they want to. Keep your eyes peeled for attractive women and just start talking to them. Then the next day do it again, until you realize that even if you strike out with one woman another one will come along as soon as tomorrow–or sooner.

Go out Every Night

"Go out and meet new women every night"

“Go out and meet new women every night”

Save up the money to get a beer out every night for a week, or go somewhere that doesn’t cost money, but make sure that you’re not spending an evening at home all week. How are you supposed to get out of your rut when you’re not even meeting people? You want to go and have fun. Even if you’re not meeting women you should be going out. Meeting up with your friends will make you happier, and happiness is perceived as confidence by members of the opposite sex. This means that having that drink with the guys will actually make you more attractive to the ladies. So kick back, relax, and enjoy yourself.

Answer a Sex Ad

If it’s going to take some heavy duty effort to get yourself out of this rut, then you should brave unknown territory by answering a sex ad. It takes self-confidence and boldness to answer a sex ad. Even if you don’t intend to actually meet up with the woman you’re talking to it still is an exciting change of pace. She’s offering what you want, and you can work to think of all the reasons that she should want to have no strings attached sex with you. You’ll be forced to focus on your good points. Plus, you might get an acceptance. If that doesn’t boost your confidence and break you out of that rut then nothing will.

Keep these habits up for a week and you’ll be surprised and how much your mood has improved. You’ll have talked to women, been invited to have no strings sex, and made memories with your friends and women alike. Once you’ve committed to trying that rut is as good as busted.

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