What Not to Eat at Dinner If You Want to Go Home with Her

Dinner is often the make or break period of a date. The woman you’re seeing will have decided by the time the check comes whether you’re going home alone tonight or if you’re going to get what you really want. If you want to up your chances, avoid eating this at dinner. Everyone knows not to eat anchovies and garlic sauce when they’re looking to get lucky, but these eating habits can turn a woman off just as easily.

Just a Salad

"She will think you are on a diet, if you eat salad"

“She will think you are on a diet, if you eat salad”

Ladies don’t want a man who’s watching his weight. Its fine to be a vegetarian or vegan, but you should never eat like you’re on a diet when you’re on date. You’ll come across as unsure and timid, and ladies like a man who’s powerful, confident, and strong. Plus, you don’t want her to feel like you’re judging her. A lot of women might think that a guy who orders a salad is trying to shame her into ordering the same. Women like to eat up on dates because they usually diet in preparation for them. Give her permission to enjoy a good meal by ordering one yourself.

Huge Portions

A man who stuffs himself at dinner isn’t going to get a lot of play with ladies either, however. This is just a matter of fact. You don’t want to order just plain rabbit food, but you don’t want to overeat. Spending a lot of time eating gives her more chances to get over her attraction to you. It’s also more time for you to run out of things to say to one another. A general rule of thumb is to stop eating shortly after she’s done, even if there’s more food that you could eat or would like to sample. She wants to go home with a man who can bring the heat in the bedroom, not one weighed down by a huge portion of dinner.

Messy Foods

"Avoid creating a mess while eating"

“Avoid creating a mess while eating”

There’s simply no sexy way to eat hot wings. You want to avoid messy foods in general, but especially greasy finger foods. You don’t want to splatter your shirt or accidently suck your fingers at the table. You want to look classy and neat when you’re done with the meal. Seeing a man pick shreds of chicken off of wings is just the kind of thing to make a woman lose her appetite all together, and not only for dinner. Stick to foods that are easy to eat and not known for causing a huge mess. It may seem harmless, but if you watch what women order on dates you’ll soon realize that they follow this rule too. It’s just not sexy, no matter how much you wouldn’t mind watching her suck something delicious off her fingers.

Keep your meal light, neat, and not too picky to have a lot of success with bringing women home. Follow this advice to stop sabotaging your chances with attractive women right from the dinner table. Having a wonderful date that you ruin by slopping sticky sauce down your shirt is as tragic as a horse tripping at the finish line. Avoid that problem and cross the finish line into morning.

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