What Your Drink Is Telling Her

A night out at the bar is more often than not spent in pursuit of the attractive women surrounding you. While you’re on the hunt for them, it’s little known to you that they’re measuring you up for the night as well. They might take a look at how you dress, the jokes you make, or even the drinks that you order. Most of the time you wouldn’t even think of that, but if you’re wondering what signal you’re sending out through your drink order, then read on.


“Beer tells her that you are an easy going & lovable guy”

Beer is by far the simplest drink that you can get at a bar. So that tells her that you’re not an overly complicated guy. Yeah, you might be indulging and having a little bit more than you normally would, but you’re not picky about it. A beer does its job while tasting moderately alright. You come off as sturdy and masculine. But beware: how you speak about your beer can change her mind. If you’re just a guy getting a drink that’s one thing, but as you start to attach words that describe its aroma, you transcend into douche-hood. Try not to get too snobby about your drink of choice no matter if its beer or hard liquor. No woman wants to hook up with a guy who cares more about his drink than he cares about her.

A Cocktail

When you man up and order a cocktail you’re taking a risk. For some reason cocktails have been designed and designated as a woman’s drink for the most part. This can work against you or it can work for you. You just have to know how to play your cards right. Work the cocktail to your advantage and order something fairly sophisticated. This might make you seem classy or it might make you seem like a douche. It all depends on how you work it. Ordering a cocktail can make you seem daring and original, too, since most guys aren’t going to order a drink that seems so arbitrarily feminine. Just be careful not to order something really weird like an appletini, since it seems that only middle aged women tend to order those, and that’s the last impression you want her to get.


“It shows you are classy”

Getting a cocktail can be a mixed bag, since you don’t know how much alcohol is actually going into it. Beer can be boring and it’s not always the best tasting drink out here. Ordering wine while you’re at a bar can make you seem like a very high class and sophisticated kind of guy. Most guys don’t order wine at bars, so you’ll definitely catch her attention. Just try not to be a total wine snob, since it’s just as unattractive to ladies about a guy that goes on about his favorite beer. Share your knowledge without being obnoxious. With the right amount of luck, deciding to go for a glass of wine might just be what attracts women to you from across the bar.

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