Why Being Too Eager Can Backfire On You

“Women love attention, but don’t go overboard”

Sometimes it’s difficult trying to keep control of how eager we are when it comes to hooking up with beautiful women. Unfortunately, showing a woman that you are extremely eager to be with her can end up being a bad thing. Women like to know that you want them, but when you show them too much, it may make them think you’re an amateur when it comes to dating and sex.

It Makes You Look Lonely

Giving off the impression of being lonely is not one that you should want to make to women. While some men are OK with a pity hookup, most women do not have the desire to date a lonely man. Even if you haven’t dated or had sex in ten years, the last thing you should do is come off as too eager to meet a woman. When a woman thinks you are lonely, she will start wondering what you have done to make yourself so lonely.

Many times, women feel like a man is lonely because of some flaw about him. She may start to think that you are difficult to be around, or she will think other negative thoughts about you. She will also think you are desperate and when she thinks you are desperate, she will automatically assume that you will ruin things by coming on too strong. Even if you are lonely, do not let a woman aware of this fact. You can appear happy to talk to her, but do not appear too excited. You will want to play things cool, so you don’t end up scaring her off.

It Makes You Look Inexperienced

“Stop acting immature”

Another huge flaw about being too eager is that it makes you appear inexperienced. While there are some exceptions, most women do not want an inexperienced man. When a woman thinks you are inexperienced, she will also think that she will have to be the one responsible for teaching you practically everything involving dating and sex. If the women that you’re interested in are the type of women that like it when a man takes charge, she will be disappointed with you and your eagerness.

Even if you are inexperienced, do not let a woman know about it unless you’re certain that it will better your chances with her. If you are inexperienced, do not pretend as if you have lots of experience, as they won’t do you any good. Instead, do not mention experience at all. If you do this, she won’t be under any type of impressions and she won’t know what to expect.

Holding back how eager you are to be with a woman isn’t difficult. All you have to do is remind yourself not to come on too strong. Play it cool, but not so cool where she thinks you’re not interested. A woman likes a challenge just as much as a man, so learn to play with her rather than throwing yourself at her. She will appreciate the fact that she has to work for your attention a little bit.

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