Why Sending Nudes is a Big Mistake

Sometimes the thrill of sending nudes to someone is exciting. When we send nudes, we trust the receiver to keep them safe and away from view from other people. However, sending nudes can definitely backfire on you for many different reasons. If you don’t want to ruin your chances with women, you may want to avoid sending them nudes.

The Mystery is Gone

“You won’t be able to surprise her that much”

When you send nudes to a woman before you’ve have sex with her, you have just killed the mystery of her being surprised. Women enjoy it when men leave something to the imagination, and considering that many of us walk around without our shirts on, that part of us is the only part that they really have to guess at. When a woman knows what you have to work with, regardless of what size it is, she may feel a bit cheated because it was too easy for her to find out.

Another reason you should avoid sending nudes to women right away is that she will make an assumption over how you’ll perform in bed. If you happen to be well endowed, she will assume that you are great in bed and like to take control. If you have a little less to work with, she may decide that you aren’t going to be worth her time in bed. She may even cease all contact with you. No matter how often they deny it, women definitely care about size. If she doesn’t feel like you’re up to par, she may not even give you a chance. This can also be said for if she thinks you too big. Women are picky about so many things, and this is no exception.

You Look Desperate

“Your desperation could be a turn-off”

Another reason you should avoid sending nudes to women is because it makes you seem desperate. While she may not know what size you are, she does know what you have because all other men have it, too. If you are eager to send you nudes to her, it makes her think that you are immature and uncreative. This is something that you definitely do not want her thinking, especially if she has you nude photos. You never know exactly how spiteful a woman can be. You may find your photos posted online without any possible way of taking them down.

Women may also think you’re too easy if you’re too quick to send nudes to them. She will wonder how many other women you have sent nudes to and she won’t be very excited about that. Eventually, she may start feeling like you’re just like any other guy and she won’t want to be bothered with you.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t ever send anyone nudes. If you trust the women that you’re sending the nudes to, go right ahead. You may want to exercise some caution and keep your face hidden when you send the photo. You may also want to make sure that no one would actually be able to identify you in the photo if the two of you ever have a falling out.

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