Why You Should Avoid Visiting the Same Bar All the Time

“Try new bars for more fun” The dating and hookup scene isn’t always easy to navigate, especially if you are not the kind of guy who frequents bars and clubs all the time. You might want to stick to the one bar that you’re comfortable with because it seems like too much of a hassle to go through the trouble of finding a new one. It’s true that it can be difficult to get used to an entirely new location, but there are some disadvantages to visiting the same bar or club all the time. You may be hindering your chances at hooking up if you never branch out, so it’s definitely worth it to try and find somewhere new. You Start to Gain a Reputation “You will served better if you have a good reputation” Going to the same bar all the time can quickly lead to gaining a reputation, and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. People at the bar may recognize you as the guy who’s always out trying to hook up with women. If enough people recognize you and you gain enough of a reputation, it can hinder your chances with women. People at the bar will talk about how you’re always there, and this can…

Why You Need to Stop Trying to Be Appealing to Every Single Woman

When you hit the dating and hookup scene, it can be tempting to try and be the guy that every single woman wants to go out with. You might see guys in bars or clubs that look like they have every woman hanging on their every word. The fact of the matter is that there is no one guy that every single woman wants to hook up with. If you spend time trying to make yourself appealing to every single woman, you’ll waste precious time you could spend actually meeting women. Knowing why it’s impossible to appeal to every woman will help you make the best use of your time and keep you from trying to be someone that you’re not. Women Have Their Preferences and Types, Too “Every girl has their own preference” While you might have a specific type of woman you like to pursue, the same is often true for women. There are certain types of guys that are going to be more appealing to certain women, and for this reason alone you cannot appeal to every woman. You can’t be the huge brawny guy and the skinny artist at the same time, for very obvious reasons. There are just going to be some women who are…

Why She Keeps Turning You down for Sex

Hooking up with a woman for the first time can often feel like an incredible achievement. All of the effort you put into trying to pick her up to begin with finally paid off and you get to go to bed with an amazing woman. However, making sure that she wants to keep sleeping with you is not quite as easy. Having a hookup keep turning you down for sex a second or third time is incredibly frustrating. After all, you already made it this far only to be turned down. Knowing why she might be turning you down for sex all the time will help you know how to keep women coming back. You Skimp out on Foreplay “Don’t hold back during foreplay” Foreplay can be tedious and it might not be in your usual style to focus on foreplay. However, skipping out on foreplay or not having enough foreplay can be a major reason why women don’t want to hook up with you. Women oftentimes need a bit of extra foreplay to get worked up, and if you have been skipping out on this, it’s certainly not going to get you any points. Try to focus more on the foreplay in order to make sure she feels good.…

Why Sending Nudes is a Big Mistake

Sometimes the thrill of sending nudes to someone is exciting. When we send nudes, we trust the receiver to keep them safe and away from view from other people. However, sending nudes can definitely backfire on you for many different reasons. If you don’t want to ruin your chances with women, you may want to avoid sending them nudes. The Mystery is Gone “You won’t be able to surprise her that much” When you send nudes to a woman before you’ve have sex with her, you have just killed the mystery of her being surprised. Women enjoy it when men leave something to the imagination, and considering that many of us walk around without our shirts on, that part of us is the only part that they really have to guess at. When a woman knows what you have to work with, regardless of what size it is, she may feel a bit cheated because it was too easy for her to find out. Another reason you should avoid sending nudes to women right away is that she will make an assumption over how you’ll perform in bed. If you happen to be well endowed, she will assume that you are great in bed and like to take control. If…

Why Dressing Sexy Isn’t Just for Women

You’re probably so used to seeing women lining the bars and clubs dressed to the nines that you don’t even think about it anymore. Women always dress their best when they go out to meet guys, so you should be doing the same. While you’re not exactly going to don red stilettos and a tiny black dress, it’s important that you dress in a way that makes you look hot. Knowing how and why you should dress sexy will allow you to have more success with women, and you might be surprised at how confident it can make you feel. The confidence boost can only benefit your chances at hooking up, so read on. The Benefits of Dressing Sexy “Women always notices Hygiene and dressing sense” Women are undeniably more attracted to a guy with good grooming habits. Most of the guys who approach them are going to have decent hygiene and clothing, sure, but you can blow them all out of the water by showing up impeccably groomed. Taking the time and effort to make yourself look your absolute best is definitely going to be worth it. Dressing in clothes that make you look hot will have obvious benefits because women are going to be more attracted to you.…

Why Being Too Eager Can Backfire On You

“Women love attention, but don’t go overboard” Sometimes it’s difficult trying to keep control of how eager we are when it comes to hooking up with beautiful women. Unfortunately, showing a woman that you are extremely eager to be with her can end up being a bad thing. Women like to know that you want them, but when you show them too much, it may make them think you’re an amateur when it comes to dating and sex. It Makes You Look Lonely Giving off the impression of being lonely is not one that you should want to make to women. While some men are OK with a pity hookup, most women do not have the desire to date a lonely man. Even if you haven’t dated or had sex in ten years, the last thing you should do is come off as too eager to meet a woman. When a woman thinks you are lonely, she will start wondering what you have done to make yourself so lonely. Many times, women feel like a man is lonely because of some flaw about him. She may start to think that you are difficult to be around, or she will think other negative thoughts about you. She will also think you…

Why Begging Turns Women Off

If your idea of turning a woman on is by begging her to have sex with you, you should expect to be let down every time. Women don’t like it when men beg, just like men don’t like it when women nag. If you’re trying to get a woman to have sex with you, the worst thing you can do is beg her. It Makes You Seem Desperate “Stop being so desperate – Women hate desperate men” Women do not think desperation in sexy. In fact, most women find it just the opposite. When you beg, it makes women think that you are an amateur when it comes to sex. It also makes them think that you’re pretty bad at it, which is why you have to beg in the first place. When a man begs, it gives off the appearance of being weak. Women do not want a weak man. If she thinks you are weak, she will think it is easy to take advantage of you. While that may be fun for her if she is only out to take your money, if she is looking for someone to have a good time with, you will not be someone she calls up. If you’re in the mood, the…

What Your Drink Is Telling Her

A night out at the bar is more often than not spent in pursuit of the attractive women surrounding you. While you’re on the hunt for them, it’s little known to you that they’re measuring you up for the night as well. They might take a look at how you dress, the jokes you make, or even the drinks that you order. Most of the time you wouldn’t even think of that, but if you’re wondering what signal you’re sending out through your drink order, then read on. Beer “Beer tells her that you are an easy going & lovable guy” Beer is by far the simplest drink that you can get at a bar. So that tells her that you’re not an overly complicated guy. Yeah, you might be indulging and having a little bit more than you normally would, but you’re not picky about it. A beer does its job while tasting moderately alright. You come off as sturdy and masculine. But beware: how you speak about your beer can change her mind. If you’re just a guy getting a drink that’s one thing, but as you start to attach words that describe its aroma, you transcend into douche-hood. Try not to get too snobby about your drink…

What Your Clothes are Telling Her

As guys we don’t always put a lot of thought into what we wear. Yeah, we recognize that sometimes we should probably wear a button up shirt or wash the pants that we’ve worn all week. But women constantly notice that sort of thing. Even if they don’t consider themselves girly-girls, they still can tell when a guy is dressed as a slob. For most of us we don’t have the gut for style, so take our advice and look at your own wardrobe to see what your clothes are telling her. T-shirts “Don’t wear same T-shirts again and again” It’s nothing out of the ordinary to have a t-shirt or ten in your closet. They’re functional, comfortable, and cover your body. That’s pretty much every requirement for a piece of clothing. When you meet a woman and you’re wearing a t-shirt she won’t think anything of it. But the more you meet up with her and are wearing that same old t then she’s going to think that you have nothing else to wear. She may also come to the conclusion that you’re lazy with your appearance. To fix this you can still wear t-shirts, but invest in some quality pieces. A shirt can be worn thin, but if…

What to Do if the Sex is Bad

It’s an unfortunate part of life: sometimes, the sex is bad. If you’ve been with your partner for a long time, it might be bad because it’s become boring and dull. If the sex is bad with a new partner, it might be because there really isn’t any attraction between the two of you. Bad sex doesn’t have to mean the end. There are a few ways you can try to spice it up. Say Everything You Want to Say “Go ahead, say the truth” Being honest might be one of the easiest ways to fix your sex life. If you’re married and sex has become tedious, sit your partner down and have a talk about what’s gone wrong. She might not even realize that something is lacking. Don’t be accusatory-you want her to keep putting out, not divorce you. Try to be understanding and gentle. Ask her to tell you what she’d like from sex with you and then tell her the same. If you approach the issue with some tact she’ll likely be more receptive to the suggestions you make. If you approach it like a douchebag and tell her she doesn’t make you hard anymore, all you’re going to do is ruin your relationship. Set the Mood…

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