Review: This Site Didn’t Crack the Top 5 For Getting Laid, and Here’s Why


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Amateur is right. There's nothing professional about fake profiles with stolen pictures, set up directly by the site's administrators. You won't find a single real woman here, so seek elsewhere.

There’s nothing nice to say about, and that ultimately stems from the fact that one glance at this site does nothing but shove boobs and butts into your face.

That won’t get you laid.

While boobs are great and all, that doesn’t bring the ladies in. obviously doesn’t know that, but judging from our AmateurMatch review, it’s a serious issue on this site that you’d have to deal with.

Get Laid Scam Alert Image

That makes it nigh impossible to use, and our AmateurMatch rating proved that very quickly. Most of the profiles on this site are fakes, and that really killed our AmateurMatch rating.

It also just put a damper on our spirit. Why would you want to use a site that’s just full of women you can’t have? We’ll never understand that mindset at all, because it’s just stupid.

What Can You Expect When Using For Hookups?

We ended up spending a total of four months on our AmateurMatch review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 180 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

Amateur is right. You'll find sites that know what they're doing in our reviews.

It wasn’t worth it.

From those 180 e-mails, we only ended up receiving a grand total of 9 replies overall. This was really deplorable, and obviously, not anywhere close to our minimum.

From those 9 replies, it should be obvious to infer that we didn’t get a single request to meet up. It would have been shocking if that actually happened, truth be told.

This site was a complete waste of time, and really drove home exactly how awful it was. Our numbers don’t lie, and that’s honestly the scariest part about this whole thing.

Why Is Just Not Worth Your Sweat

During our review of this site, we constantly found ourselves shaking our heads. If anyone actually tried to make use of a site with this many fakes, they’d be hopeless.

It’s not going to work.

Truth be told, finding a real woman on this site is something of a mining expedition. They just don’t really seem to exist, and you really have to dig back into the site.

Most of the women that join this place are fakes with stolen profile pictures. We’re pretty sure the administrators put them up on the site themselves, which is just gross.

If they’re lying about that, you have to wonder what else they’re lying about, of course. We guarantee that it’s nothing good, and of course, that you aren’t going to get laid here. in the News

Role playing your fantasies is something that everyone should have fun with in their sex life, but is never going to make it happen:

A woman’s sexual libido is important, and this article helps you pump it up in a way that never will: Review: Survey Says…

There’s absolutely nothing good about, and that’s why we really ended up hating it. There’s just nothing about this site that makes us want to come back.

Skip it for sure.

This is is one site that just needs to be tossed off of a cliff. There’s nothing good here, and nothing that makes it worth a second glance in the slightest. It’s just bad.

Instead, you should be using sites like, which is our number one site for hookups. It really does what it says it will, and it really gives you the edge that you need online.

20 Responses to “ Review: This Site Didn’t Crack the Top 5 For Getting Laid, and Here’s Why”

  1. Maximum Jaguar

    I would only review if you paid me, and even then it’d have to be a pretty high amount.

  2. All the comparison sites are loads better than this one, so if you can join one of those, do it.

  3. Someone said that this site was a scam, but I didn’t buy it and now I’m really regretting joining it.

  4. Morton Jowers

    I need to find a review saying that is legit, because my friend and I have a bet on it.

  5. Someday I’ll think of something good to say about this site, but today is not that day. It’s just crap.

  6. Notorious Elastic

    I want to test out other dating sites, because I had such a hard time when I tried to use

  7. Giving this site a low rating isn’t enough, I need to destroy it from the inside out until it’s gone.

  8. Rotten Crystal

    Review sites from 2014 all say that this site is one of the best, but I wonder if that’s the truth.

  9. Christian Lester

    Since the dating scene in my town is crap, I’m just going to try and meet women on instead.

  10. Sites like this are why I’m going back to meeting women at bars. It’s not worth it to deal with the scams.

  11. The Digital Moving Lieutenant

    Review this site if you feel like it, but I’m going to tell you right now that is fake.

  12. Comparison sites have nothing on this on as far as crappiness goes. I’m amazed at just how bad it is.

  13. Scam sites are so common that I’m not shocked at all at how disgustingly bad this site ended up being.

  14. Colton Evans

    Everyone says that is legit, but I can’t help but wonder if that’s true or not. It looks bad.

  15. Good sites are hard to come by, and this is just another one of the crappy scam ones that you don’t want.

  16. Grub Jacob Silverbeard

    For some reason I decided that I would test out, and I have to say that was a bad decision.

  17. I want to give this site a bad rating on every review site that I can find. It deserves to be ruined.

  18. Walker Fargloom

    I want to review this site for 2014, but I won’t if it’s as fake as I’m thinking it is now.

  19. Ronnie Gearhart

    I’ve been dating this rude chick for a year now, but I want to find a new girlfriend on

  20. There’s a reason that I don’t go on sites like this anymore. They’re almost all scams, and it’s so frustrating.

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