HornyMatches.com Review: This Site Didn’t Crack the Top 5 For Getting Laid, and Here’s Why



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Not only will you not meet any women here, but all those ads that litter the site are laced with malware. You'd do yourself a favor to stay far away if you want to keep your computer safe.

This is another site that we’re pretty sure was meant to be a joke. HornyMatches.com is just too awful for it to be anything else, or so our HornyMatches review seemed to prove.

It’s just scary.

There are so many scams on this site that we have to wonder how anyone could think this site was a good idea. There’s nothing redeeming about HornyMatches.com with that in mind.

Get Laid Scam Alert Image

During our HornyMatches rating, we almost ended up with malware a few times. If that isn’t enough to be a scare to you, then we’re not sure what else will end up being one.

It’s just not safe. Our HornyMatches rating really ended up showing how bad this site was, and we’re glad. Anyone that wants to try this site is really participating in a fool’s errand.

What Can You Expect When Using HornyMatches.com For Hookups?

We ended up spending a total of four months on our HornyMatches review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 180 e-mails to women that we found on this site.

It wasn’t any good.

img HornyMatches overlay

From those 180 e-mails, we only ended up with a grand total of 43 responses overall. This was really pathetic, and really not worth a second glance at all in our books.

From those 43 responses, there wasn’t a single woman that actually wanted to go out with us. This made it very clear exactly how bad this site was in general, and what a waste of time it was.

This whole site was just awful to deal with, and we never really want to see it again. It’s not safe, and obviously, our results proved that it’s also not getting you laid.

Why HornyMatches.com Is Just Not Worth Your Sweat

Sites like this really give a bad name to all kinds of sex dating. It’s because this site is very unsafe, and it really doesn’t want to try and help you get a date online at all.

It just wants your money.

This site is especially vicious because most of the ads that you end up seeing on this site have malware attached to them. It’s just unsafe, and it really doesn’t do anything but ruin your day.

We experienced this several times during our review of the site, and it made us really ware of it in general. It’s just not a safe environment to try and hookup online at all.

That means that you’re not going to get laid on here, but instead, you’re going to be spending your time avoiding a ton of fakes and the like. Not fun, and really not a way to meet women.

HornyMatches.com in the News

Tantric sex and orgasms can be a ton of fun, though it won’t change much on HornyMatches.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/the-4-best-positions-reaching-tantric-g-spot-433595.html?cat=69

There are a lot of health benefits to tantric sex, so check out this article even though it won’t change anything on HornyMatches.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/health-benefits-tantric-sex-1028547.html?cat=68

HornyMatches.com Review: Survey Says…

We couldn’t stand HornyMatches.com at all, and we really think this is an awful site. That’s why we’ll never even come close to recommending it, and won’t touch it with a ten foot pole again.

It’s not worth it.

Instead, there are so many other sites out there that aren’t all about scamming you. We know, because we’ve found them before, and really think they’re way more fun.

For example–you should be checking out our number one site, EstablishedMen.com. It’s the best of the best, and our results have proven that repeatedly. It really just works.

20 Responses to “HornyMatches.com Review: This Site Didn’t Crack the Top 5 For Getting Laid, and Here’s Why”

  1. Eastern Long Tungsten

    Review HornyMatches.com at your own risk! This site has a lot of viruses on it! If possible, stay far away!

  2. It’s pretty damn sad that this site is a godsend in comparison to what I’m used to. At least I found it.

  3. Solid Venom

    This site is a scam! I’ve been on here for three months and I haven’t even gotten laid at all.

  4. Derrick Carden

    I don’t think that this site is going to be legit, and with a name like HornyMatches.com I don’t expect much.

  5. Good god, this site really doesn’t evn try to make itself more interesting. What a pain in the ass, honestly.

  6. Chaos Villain

    I would test out HornyMatches.com happily if I felt like it was even the slightest bit legit. It looks awful.

  7. I’ll be giving this site a really low rating on every review site I can find. It’s more than it deserves.

  8. Wild Plutonium

    I think that the review sites from 2014 are rigged, because they keep talking about how good this site is.

  9. Marquis Briggs

    Well, since online dating is apparently the next big thing, I’m going to be joining HornyMatches.com as soon as possible.

  10. I’m really against using sites like this to get laid, mostly because they don’t even work in the first place.

  11. Green Crazy Darling

    A review that I read for HornyMatches.com said that it was a scam, and now I know that they’re right.

  12. I’m laughing at how bad this site is in comparison to the ones I use. I mean, come on! Wow!

  13. I was so worried that this site was a scam when I first joined, and I’m sad to know I was right.

  14. Anibal Murray

    I’ve heard a few little rumors that this site isn’t legit. Does anyone know if HornyMatches.com is real or fake?

  15. It’s a good thing I don’t take this stuff too seriously, or else I’d be so pissed off right about now.

  16. Surreal Trombone

    I want to test out other sites because I’m so done with dealing with all the crap I see on HornyMatches.com.

  17. Nobody should be giving this site is a good rating. It doesn’t even work, so why do people rate it highly?

  18. The Hungry Vulture

    I don’t trust any review sites from 2014 because I think they’re all run by the same, overly biased people.

  19. Junior Newton

    God, online dating is hard enough, and then you have to factor in finding a legit site. HornyMatches.com don’t fail me!

  20. Sites like this are all the same. They don’t even get you the results that they promise you, not ever.

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