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"Just hookup"? Is that a challenge or something? It might as well be, considering how hard it is to find a real woman here. They don't monitor signup at all, which lets the scammers pile in.

We really just had to shake our heads at JustHookup.com. This is one of those sites that gives us headaches at the memory of our JustHookup review, and that’s because it’s so full of scams.

It’s not safe.

Sites like JustHookup.com don’t even try to monitor who joins. That’s why there were so many scammers floating around during our very taxing JustHookup rating.

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It’s just not a pleasant experience. When you’re constantly trying to look over your shoulder and protect yourself, how can you think about getting laid? That’s how we felt the whole time we were on this site.

Our JustHookup rating really reflects that, and we think that it’s deserved. It’s just not fun to use a site that really doesn’t want you to have a good time, and just wants to scam you.

What Can You Expect When Using JustHookup.com For Hookups?

We ended up spending a total of four months on our JustHookup review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 180 e-mails to women that we met on this site.

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It wasn’t worth it.

From those 180 e-mails, we only ended up receiving a grand total of 63 responses total. This was really pathetic, and really not even close to our goal overall.

From those 63 replies, we didn’t get a single woman that wanted to meet up with us. This was really pathetic, and really drove home how awful this site was in general.

It was just a waste of time for us and we really do hate wasting time. This site really proves to us that it’s a waste, and it’s not anything that we want to come back to.

Why JustHookup.com Is Just Not Worth Your Sweat

This site isn’t worth much of anything, and that’s a fact. It’s because they really just want you to spend money, and that’s the only thing that they’re really geared towards.

It’s not good.

Because this site doesn’t care about you, there are just scams everywhere. They really don’t care if you report them or not, because there’s nothing that’s going to be done.

That makes for a very unsafe environment. We really don’t want to be constantly on alert when we’re using dating sites, especially a site that claims to be as safe as this one.

Trust us, it’s not. It’s just a big waste of time to report these scammers, though, because literally nothing is going to come of it. This site doesn’t care about much of anything.

JustHookup.com in the News

Hot wax play is something new and fun to bring into the sack, and it’s definitely something to enjoy on JustHookup.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/bdsm-techniques-hot-wax-play-72207.html?cat=41

The right kind of lube is important, though it won’t matter much on a site like JustHookup.com: http://voices.yahoo.com/baby-oil-versus-ky-warming-lubricant-68299.html?cat=5

JustHookup.com Review: Survey Says…

We really didn’t like JustHookup.com, and that’s why we’ll never be going back to it again. It’s just not a good site, and there’s nothing good that’s going to come of it at all.

It’s a waste.

Sites like this are nothing but a waste on several levels. You really aren’t going to be able to get laid on it first of all, so that means that it’s just a giant waste of money.

Skip sites like this and go for sites that actually care about you. Trust us, it’s much more worth it to spend the time finding a good site than wasting the time on a bad one.

Sites like EstablishedMen.com will really give you the experience that you need. You’ll be able to have a good time, and will really be able to find the ladies that you want.

20 Responses to “JustHookup.com Review: This Site Didn’t Crack the Top 5 For Getting Laid, and Here’s Why”

  1. Seriously Beaver

    I don’t want to review another site like JustHookup.com ever again. That was the crappiest site I’ve ever been on.

  2. There’s no comparison for a quality site, so just go on one of those instead of this one. It’s shit.

  3. Morbid Python

    I heard rumors that this site was a scam right after I joined. I wish I had know that sooner.

  4. Please, can someone do me a favor and tell me whether or not JustHookup.com is a legit site? Thank you.

  5. I really wanted this site to be good, but it’s been just as bad as all the others. I’m so disappointed.

  6. I’m going to test out other sites instead. I haven’t had any luck so far on JustHookup.com, so I’m done.

  7. Rating this site is hard because it won’t let me give it lower than a zero, which is what it deserves.

  8. Review sites from before 2014 won’t shut up about how good this site is, and they have to be lying.

  9. Rubin Adams

    When it comes to online dating, I’m no good anyway, so being on JustHookup.com probably won’t help me too much.

  10. I hate sites like this more than words can express. I won’t write a whole review, just know that I hate it.

  11. Drill Intense

    I’m going to write such a bad review for JustHookup.com so people know how bad this site is to use.

  12. I can’t believe how bad this site is in comparison to the big sites. They’re the same price, too. I’m confused.

  13. Rusty Hidden Toad

    I thought that this site might not be a scam, but I was so damn wrong. I hate myself so much.

  14. Since I’ve heard that JustHookup.com is completely legit, I’m going to sign up just as soon as I get paid.

  15. Good luck actually meeting real women on here. All I met were spam bots, and I can’t even screw those.

  16. Heavy Llama

    The women on JustHookup.com are so ugly that it’s not even worth messing around with a test run of the site.

  17. I won’t be giving this site a good rating, that’s for damn sure. It doesn’t deserve any good feedback at all.

  18. Parrot Hungry

    Please tell me that the review sites from 2014 are joking. This site isn’t good, what are they talking about?

  19. Elvis Dickson

    I’ve never tried dating online. Do you think I should start with a small site like JustHookup.com, or a big one?

  20. Don’t waste your time with sites like this. They’ll just screw you over, there’s no point in being on them.

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