Review: This Site Didn’t Crack the Top 5 For Getting Laid, and Here’s Why


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Even the site's admins have left this site, and it's no surprise why. It's a broken, badly-programmed wreck of a website, and there aren't any breathing users here that are masochistic enough to try and use it. not only has a stupid name, but everything about it is completely and utterly broken. The layout barely even loads on this site, and that isn’t conducive to meeting ladies.

It’s awful, in fact.

When your site can’t even load properly, it’s just sad. That’s what we dealt with during the entirety of our Shagaholic review, and it made completely miserable.

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Our Shagaholic rating dipped even further the more that we decided to poke around this site. Predictably, most of the ladies have already left, because what’s the point?

Thankfully, most of the men got the same clue as we did during our Shagaholic rating. This site is bad news, empty, and really not worth a single glance more than a shake of your head.

What Can You Expect When Using For Hookups?

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our Shagaholic review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 180 e-mails to women that we met on this site.

It was just pathetic.

Shagaholic overlay screen

From those 180 e-mails, we only ended up receiving a grand total of 3 responses total. This was utterly pathetic, and really made it clear how empty this site was overall.

From those 3 responses, obviously not a single woman actually wanted to meet up with us. That would have been hilarious, but instead, we didn’t get laid at all on this site.

Not surprising, but still annoying, and that’s basically how this site can be summed up in a nutshell. It’s just really not a pleasant experience, and we were glad to be done.

Why Is Just Not Worth Your Sweat

This is one site that really needs to just be shut down. We don’t say that lightly, but honestly, we think that the administrators flew the coop on this one a really long time ago.

There’s nothing left here.

Looking at this site, it’s just enough to make us scratch our heads. There’s really no one around on this site, and we can’t understand why anyone would really want to join.

Because of that, it’s pointless. There are nothing but scams on this site, and that’s honestly all you’ll be able to find, no matter how hard you’re looking for a girl.

That makes this one really uncomfortable to use. It’s like you’re constantly being watched by bots, and that’s really not going to help you meet anyone at all or get laid. in the News

Zinc can really rev up your sex drive when used in moderation, and this article explains that when never will:

If your sex life is dead, this article helps in ways that sites like never will at all in the future: Review: Survey Says…

We really didn’t enjoy, and that’s because it’s as dead as a doornail. It’s not a site that we’d ever recommend to a single person, so just forget about it.

It’s awful.

Don’t waste your time on a site that’s empty and dead. You want a site that’s alive, thriving, and really going to help you meet the ladies that you want to actually sleep with.

There are sites like that for sure, and one of them is our number one site, It’s the best of the best, and that means that you’ll always end up having a good time.

20 Responses to “ Review: This Site Didn’t Crack the Top 5 For Getting Laid, and Here’s Why”

  1. Circus Panda

    I was going to review for my blog, but it was so fake that I just had to stop.

  2. I can’t help but laugh at how bad this site is in comparison to literally every other hookup site out there.

  3. I’m worried that this site is a scam. It doesn’t seem like a good site at all. I’m going to leave it.

  4. Preston Greenwood

    Frankly, I don’t think that looks very legit, but that might just be me. Is it really just me?

  5. Good things don’t come to those who wait. I waited for a whole year and didn’t get shit for it.

  6. I had a really hard time with my test run of It was just overall a really awful site.

  7. Giving this site a good rating is out of the question, and I’m normally very nice with my ranking systems.

  8. Pale Thomas Bloodrayne

    Don’t trust any review site that you see from 2014. All their reviews are biased and shouldn’t be believed in.

  9. Alphonso Kunkle

    Online dating is so stressful, so I’d rather get laid instead. I’m giong to use and I hope it works.

  10. There’s a reason why I don’t like to admit that I go on sites like this to get laid, honestly.

  11. I want to review a site that’s actually legit, so I’m not going to be going back to Ever.

  12. In comparison to all my favorite sites, this one just falls really flat. I don’t know what I expected, though.

  13. Slimy Cockroach

    All these scam sites are really ruining my dating mojo. I don’t know what to do or who to trust.

  14. Josue Hindman

    Instead of dealing with trying to find a legit site on my own, I’m listening to recommendations and joining

  15. Nothing good will come of spending your time on this site. You won’t meet any women, I promise you that.

  16. BuffaloBuffalo

    I wanted to test out this site so badly, but I really hated every moment that I spent on

  17. I’m giving this site the rating that it deserves – a zero! This site fucked me over and my wife found out, too.

  18. Review sites from before 2014 tell the truth. This site is a scam and shouldn’t be trusted. It’s a bad site.

  19. Mckinley Pyle

    To be honest, I hate online dating. I think it doesn’t work and it’s upsetting. I just want sex on

  20. My opinion of sites like this is really low, and frankly it’s no wonder why. They never work at all.

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