Why It’s In Your Best Interests to Make Her Have the Night of Her Life

While it’s the end game to get laid, you really can’t just jump straight to the sex. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a woman that only wants that, but for the most part, you need to relax, and give her the night of her life before focusing too hard on how to get laid. This will make it happen either way!

You can’t just jump into it.


Getting laid means that both of you really need to be into it, and have some serious chemistry between the two of you. That’s one of the most important sex tips we can hand out.

If you don’t take the time to really wine and dine her first, then she’s not going to be into you. Take her out at least for dinner, or she’s going to end up feeling like you’re a waste of time.

We’ve spent a lot of time putting together this hookup guide, and we really think that it’s worth it to take your time with these women. They want to have a good time, and they deserve it.

Get to know one another.

If you actually spend the time getting to know her first over dinner and drinks, you’ll both be that much more relaxed before you take it to the bedroom. That’s one of the best get laid tactics we can think of, honestly, and it’s something you should remember.

Don’t just try to sweep her off her feet from the very start. That’s not going to do you any favors, and that’s why it’s much better for you to just be relaxed and calm.

Talk to her about her interests. Talk about your hobbies, and things not related to sex at first. That’s going to really make a difference in how she treats you and reacts to you.

Be confident.

Girl Naked in Bed


If we give out any other sex how-to, it won’t be as important as this simple fact. You need to be confident, because she’s really looking for a man that is portraying himself that way.

She wants to be with someone that knows what he’s doing, and knows that he’s going to get what he wants. She doesn’t want to be with someone that’s acting desperate.

If you start acting like you absolutely need to get in bed with her, that’s just not going to go over well. Keep that in mind, or she’s going to be running out the door.

You can’t be a selfish jerk about any of it.

While you might just be interested in one-off dates, that doesn’t mean that the whole date is going to be all about you. You really need to spoil her, and make her feel like she’s a princess.

In your eyes, she should be. Even if she’s only up for using you as a toy, that’s fine, and that’s something you should enjoy while you’re pampering her throughout the night.

This is going to insure that you keep a great reputation, and that you have ladies really banging down your door to be with you again. That’s something that you really are going to want.

Just have fun.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: hookups are all about having fun. You have to keep that in mind when you’re looking for girls online. If you also keep this in mind when you’re meeting up with her, you’ll end up with one hell of a date.

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