Why Dressing Sexy Isn’t Just for Women

You’re probably so used to seeing women lining the bars and clubs dressed to the nines that you don’t even think about it anymore. Women always dress their best when they go out to meet guys, so you should be doing the same. While you’re not exactly going to don red stilettos and a tiny black dress, it’s important that you dress in a way that makes you look hot. Knowing how and why you should dress sexy will allow you to have more success with women, and you might be surprised at how confident it can make you feel. The confidence boost can only benefit your chances at hooking up, so read on. The Benefits of Dressing Sexy “Women always notices Hygiene and dressing sense” Women are undeniably more attracted to a guy with good grooming habits. Most of the guys who approach them are going to have decent hygiene and clothing, sure, but you can blow them all out of the water by showing up impeccably groomed. Taking the time and effort to make yourself look your absolute best is definitely going to be worth it. Dressing in clothes that make you look hot will have obvious benefits because women are going to be more attracted to you.…

Should You Try a Kink Site to Find Sex?

If you’re having a hard time finding sex in the vanilla dating site scene, you might be tempted to move into kink territory to satisfy your needs. Whether or not this is a good idea depends almost entirely on you, and how kinky you really are. In general, there’s nothing wrong with broadening your horizons and deciding whether or not this is the scene for you. Great Way to Explore Your Sexuality Kink dating sites are one of the best ways to open your eyes to all the kinks that exist in the world. Sure, there are some things that you know instinctively that you like or don’t like in bed, but some things you have to be exposed to before you know they even exist. So long as you’re dating online you can take the next steps and really explore your sexuality. Most kink communities are very open to people exploring their needs and taking things slow as they consider what they really want to do in the bedroom. Lots of Casual Sex Opportunities Kink based sites are naturally very sexual. They focus on sex first and then personality second, and it’s true that in an effort to find the kinky pleasure they crave a lot of kinksters are…

Hooking Up With College Girls Made Easy

Have you ever met a guy that didn’t want to get with a college girl? Yeah, we haven’t either and there’s a damn good reason for it. College girls have it all-youth, looks, and most of the time they’re as willing to get with you as you are with them. So you’re on the prowl for a college girl to start hooking up with but you’re not sure how to go about it. Well, read on. We’ve put together for you a list of the best tactics that worked for us. Start Partying “Spot the hot babes at college parties” The easiest way to meet college girls is to be where they are. So start hitting those college parties. They’re going to be easy find-just ask around or check online. If you’re in college or you know someone who’s attending, you’ll be able to find them with no problem. What better setting to meet sexy college girls than at a party where alcohol is in abundance? This gives you the opportunity to approach the hottest babes there and give them your pitch. And even if a couple don’t fall for you, we guarantee there will be a ton more there that will. Be Fun Chances are that all the college…

Getting Her to Put Out More

It’s normal for sex lives to stagnate. It’s a fact of life. After the same old thing over and over it’s not surprising that things get boring. It’s also normal for her to stop wanting to put out when things do get boring. If your sex life has come to a standstill and you’ve run out of ideas on how to get her to put out more, rest easy. We’ve put together some of our favorite, successful tactics for getting women to put out more. Be Affectionate Women aren’t like guys. Sex isn’t on their mind most of the time and they need to be warmed up before they’re ready to go. If your relationship has little to no affection in it it’s not surprising that she’s stopped wanting to have sex. One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to get her in the mood is to give her some affection. So brush off your make out skills from your early relationship days. Take her back to the days when you both couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. Cuddling and kissing can lead to heavy petting, which in turn can lead to some of the hottest sex you’ve ever had. Try to be Spontaneous “Change of location…

Are You Too Honest?

“Do you think being honest is rewarding?” For some reason, many men are under the impression that they will have better luck with women when they are honest with them. We can understand why some men would believe that, especially when women claim they want men to always be honest with them. However, the truth is that women do not want men to be fully honest with them because women cannot handle the truth. If you’ve been using the honesty is the best policy mind frame with women, do yourself a favor and get rid of it. Women Don’t Want the Truth Women will go around saying that they want you to be honest with them, but the truth is that women do not want honesty. They want to be lied to, but in a way that seems like they’re telling you the truth. If you’ve been with women who told you that they want you to be completely honest with them, only for them to stop contacting you, it’s because you’ve said something that they couldn’t deal with. Women will tell you that they always want the truth from you, but there are several things that you should definitely lie to them about. One of these things would be…

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