Why You Should Avoid Visiting the Same Bar All the Time

“Try new bars for more fun” The dating and hookup scene isn’t always easy to navigate, especially if you are not the kind of guy who frequents bars and clubs all the time. You might want to stick to the one bar that you’re comfortable with because it seems like too much of a hassle to go through the trouble of finding a new one. It’s true that it can be difficult to get used to an entirely new location, but there are some disadvantages to visiting the same bar or club all the time. You may be hindering your chances at hooking up if you never branch out, so it’s definitely worth it to try and find somewhere new. You Start to Gain a Reputation “You will served better if you have a good reputation” Going to the same bar all the time can quickly lead to gaining a reputation, and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. People at the bar may recognize you as the guy who’s always out trying to hook up with women. If enough people recognize you and you gain enough of a reputation, it can hinder your chances with women. People at the bar will talk about how you’re always there, and this can…

What Your Drink Is Telling Her

A night out at the bar is more often than not spent in pursuit of the attractive women surrounding you. While you’re on the hunt for them, it’s little known to you that they’re measuring you up for the night as well. They might take a look at how you dress, the jokes you make, or even the drinks that you order. Most of the time you wouldn’t even think of that, but if you’re wondering what signal you’re sending out through your drink order, then read on. Beer “Beer tells her that you are an easy going & lovable guy” Beer is by far the simplest drink that you can get at a bar. So that tells her that you’re not an overly complicated guy. Yeah, you might be indulging and having a little bit more than you normally would, but you’re not picky about it. A beer does its job while tasting moderately alright. You come off as sturdy and masculine. But beware: how you speak about your beer can change her mind. If you’re just a guy getting a drink that’s one thing, but as you start to attach words that describe its aroma, you transcend into douche-hood. Try not to get too snobby about your drink…

Is She Faking It?

“Is she really having an orgasm or faking it” When you find out a woman is faking enjoying sex with you, it can be damaging to your pride. We’re not sure why women fake it, but we know hundreds of them do it every day. Unfortunately, if you haven’t been paying attention, you may have had sex with a woman who faked it, and it can be more damaging to you than you think. You Can Do No Wrong “It’s time to talk about it” As much as we hate to say it, if you’re having sex with a woman and it seems like everything you do feels incredible and makes her orgasm, she’s probably faking it. We aren’t women, so we don’t know exactly how their body works, or what feels physically pleasurable to them. If you’re having typical sex with a woman that doesn’t involve anything more than thrusting in and out of her, she’s more than likely faking how good it feels. While we don’t know everything that can get a woman off, we do know that it takes more to get them going than it does with men. Women seem to need stimulation to both their bodies and their minds. All women are built differently, so…

Getting Started with Dirty Talk

Dirty talk can be extremely hot if you know what you’re doing. There are plenty of women who love dirty talk. Sometimes it can be difficult figuring out which women like dirty talk and what to say to those who do. Another issue with dirty talk is that what turns you on may not necessarily turn on the woman that you’re with. If you want to avoid any awkward and uncomfortable situations during sex with dirty talk, it’s best to work your up to talking dirty rather than jumping right into it. Start Out Slowly “Know where to stop” The last thing you want to do when it comes to dirty talking is to embarrass yourself. In fact, there is a pretty line between dirty talk and making a complete fool of yourself. When it comes to talking dirty, the first thing you want to do is make sure that she is up for it. Believe it or not, some women really do despise all types of dirty talk. There are other women who enjoy certain types of dirty talk, but if you cross that line between what she likes and what she doesn’t like, she may no longer want anything to do with you. The easiest way to find…

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